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We specialize in pickled products like your grandmother made, and pride ourselves on quality.  Located in the high desert country of Southern Oregon, we strive to make the most flavorful pickled products we can.  Every ingredient is hand selected and hand packed into each and every jar we sell.  Having a chef in our midst, who really understands spices and herbs, is a great advantage.  At present our gourmet products include spicy pickled green beans (dilly beans), spicy pickled celery, jalapeno pickled asparagus, spicy pickled asparagus, and spicy mixed vegetables.  All of our products are all-natural and contain no sugars, fats, cholesterol, artificial flavors, or preservatives.  They are simply vegetables in a unique brine known only to three people.
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Like many other people in the high desert country of southern Oregon, our family has raised a small garden almost every year.  One particular year we had way too many green beans, so my son said he would like to try his hand at pickling them, and then just put them away and munch on them all winter long.  He made approximately thirty pint jars and put them into a cupboard.  A few months later, I thought to myself, "Why don't I take them to the local Christmas Bazaar and see if anyone else might like them."  I did just that, and to my amazement we sold about twenty of them in a few hours.  As time went on, we pickled a few more jars and passed them out to anyone willing to try them.  One day we talked to someone that wanted to serve them with drinks, and he asked if we could take an order for several hundred jars.  At that point my son and I decided we had better find out how to turn this canning into a legitimate business.  Since that day, the business has steadily grown and now we are making many different types of vegetable products in various types of jars.  We still have other products we wish to eventually carry, and one by one, we will get them into our line of products.  We hope you will enjoy them as much as all of the other people that have tried them.
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